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********************** UPDATE **********************

After receiving a report from administration (report), Council agreed to participate in the program once the office can confirm the interest of 20 residents. Therefore, the office will create a 'wait list' of people interested in the Foodcycler program.

To add your name to the Foodcycler wait list, please contact the office at 807-475-5229 ext 3 or email


At the November 14th 2023 council meeting, the Council of the Township of Conmee received a delegation from FoodCycle Science, a Canadian company offering residential composting appliances to homeowners. By working with municipalities across Ontario, FoodCycle Science has been able to reduce the cost of the appliance through federal and private funding.

To view the presentation to Council, "click here" for a PDF of their slideshow.

FoodCycle Science identifies many benefits to municipalities that provide composting programs:

  • Household waste is composed of 25-50% organic waste
  • Landfills are filling up fast, creating cost and environmental issues
  • Food in the garbage creates unpleasant odours and increases animal and pest occurrences

FoodCycle Science is seeking interest from the Township of Conmee to participate in the pilot program and to initiate the purchase of 50 appliances to resell to local residents. The Township is seeking input from local residents on their interest to participate in the pilot program and willingness to purchase the appliance at their own expense, at a subsidized cost.

The appliance is about the size of a bread maker and can be placed on a countertop in the kitchen (or other heated location within the home). The appliance accepts most food waste and converts it into organic material overnight, when operated. The organic material can then be used to mix with soil in flower pots, flower beds, vegetable gardens or placed in the garbage to be taken to the landfill.

More information about FoodCycler can be found on their website at: link)

Costs for replacement filters can be found on this link:

Neighbouring Municipalities currently providing the FoodCycler Program include:

  • Municipality of Neebing
  • Sioux Lookout
  • Town of Fort Frances
  • Red Rock Township
  • City of Kenora

plus the Intercity Shopping Mall (Thunder Bay) also uses a commercial version.