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Road Service

Conmee Township has many gravel roads that require regular maintenance. In the winter our road maintenance crew is mainly busy with snow plowing and sanding of public roads to keep these roads accessible.

In the summer time, the road maintenance crew does grading to remove washboard, ditching, brush removal and culvert repairs.

The road maintenance crew also takes care of emergency road repair, maintenance of bridges and grass cutting beside the roads.

If you notice an issue with one of the roads, feel free to contact the office and we will look into the situation as soon as possible.

Home owners are responsible for snow removal on their own properties. In no circumstances you are allowed to push out snow from your driveway on to the public road.  That is a contravention of both provincial law and municipal by-law.

Roads maintenance is done in accordance with provincial law.


Laws and Regulations

By-Law 1082 Boundary Road Agreement with Township of O'Connor

By-Law 365 Unattended or Abandoned Vehicles

By-Law 941 Obstruction, Encumberment, Injury, or Fouling of Bridges and Roads

O.Reg. 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways

By-Law 1082 - O'Connor - Conmee Shared Road Agreement (Fleming Road)

Have a request or complaint? Please download form and email to If you need the form in a different format or would like a printed version, please contact the office.