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How to Use the Landfill and Recycle

First, pick out the things you can recycle from your regular garbage and make sure they go in the appropriate place in the Landfill.

Paper and light cardboard (like cereal boxes) may go into the green recycling bin. Heavier cardboard can be broken down and folded flat and placed in the trailer. (To see if it is heavy cardboard, look at the end of a side. If you can see corrugations or wavy lines between the smooth outer layers, it is heavy cardboard.)

If you are unsure where an item should be placed, please speak to the Landfill Attendant. 

Plastics are the bulkiest material and fill up our recycle bin on a regular basis. Please check your plastics carefully. GFL will only recycle plastic that contains a number 1 or a number 2 within the small triangle shaped recycle symbol. Not all pieces of a container may be recyclable. Check lids and containers for the correct symbol.

Please ensure that your metals are placed in the appropriate  areas at the landfill. The metal is currently collected by a private contractor and recycled.

The Township does have a separate furniture pile. The items placed there are crushed before they are put into a trench. This compaction will help prolong the life of the trenches.

Conmee’s recycling program is now managed by Circular Materials, the administrator of the common collection system and a national not-for-profit organization that is committed to building an efficient and effective recycling system in Ontario. Click here to visit Circular Materials’ website.