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Property Severances

Conmee allows a total of 3 severances from a parent parcel as it existed in August of 1974, provided that all lots, including the retained lot, can meet the minimum requirements for lot frontage and lot area.

Consents to Sever are handled under contract to the Lakehead Rural Planning Board. The Planning Board is located in the Oliver Paipoonge Municipal Building at 3250 Highway 130. The Planner may be contacted at 935-3300.

Application forms may be picked up at the Conmee Municipal Office or at the Planning Board. Fees are $800.00 per application. A separate application is required for each proposed lot. Most successful applications will be required to fulfill several conditions before being given final approval. You have one year in which to fulfill those conditions. There is no extension allowed. Failure to complete the required actions by the end of one year from the date of sending of notice of the Decision on a Consent to Sever will require a new application and fee. Common conditions include a survey on the lot being severed, the transfer of the road allowance to the Township and approvals from various Ministries and Agencies such as the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority and the Ministry of Transportation among others. The establishment of potable water and septic approval may also be required.

The current minimum lot size in the Township of Conmee is 2 hectares (approximately 5 acres). Each lot must have 120 metres (approximately 400 feet) of frontage on an open, public and maintained road. No lot creation is allowed on parcels without road frontage. For further information on zoning in the Township of Conmee please see the Conmee Zoning By-law. Most property in the Township is zoned as Rural (RU) but you should check with the Municipal Office as there are different considerations for lot creation in the different Zones.