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Conmee Cemetery


September 25th 2023

Conmee Cemetery

The Township of Conmee submitted a proposed cemetery by-law to the Registrar of the Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act, 2002. The proposed by-law may be reviewed or copied at the municipal office, 19 Holland Rd. The by-law or by-law amendment is not effective until the Registrar approves it.

Any interested parties may contact:

Shara Lavallee, CAO/Clerk 

Township of Conmee

19 Holland Rd, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario P0T 1W0

Tel: (807) 475-5229 ext 1

for information, or to make copies. 

By-laws or amendments may be reviewed or copied at Conmee Municipal Office, 19 Holland Rd, Conmee, Ontario. 

These by-laws are subject to the approval of the Registrar, Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act, 2002, Bereavement Authority of Ontario. Telephone: Bereavement Authority of Ontario 647-483-2645 or 1-844-493-6356, E-mail




Interment in Conmee Cemetery

The Conmee Cemetery is located at the southern end of the Township, off of Highway 11/17. Lots are available in the Cemetery for Conmee Township residents, or long-time former residents. Payment for a lot includes payment of Care and Maintenance Fees, which are kept separate for the future care and maintenance of the Cemetery. Opening and Closing fees are paid at time of need.

Fees for Cemetery Services are:

Columbarium Spaces

An upright columbarium has been purchased for the cemetery. It is located at the top of the hill. Niches are 12" X 12".  The cost to have the door engraved will be the current cost charged by Lakehead Monument. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that the urn will fit within the space.


Lots may be purchased by Conmee Residents only. No interment of human remains or cremated human remains shall occur unless an authorized representative of the cemetery operator is present.



Lot Charge/per lot – Adult 5’X8'$665.00
Lot Charge/per lot – Child 5’X8’  $665.00
Lot Charge/per lot – Veteran 5’X8’$665.00

Cremation Lot Charge/per lot 4’X4’  (not available at this time).

Open/Close Summer/per lot – Adult/Veteran $450.00
Open/Close Winter/per lot- Adult/Veteran$550.00
Open Close Summer/per lot – Child$400.00
Open/Close Cremation Lot/per lot  $125.00
Open/Close for Lot with Vault/per lot Summer  $550.00
Open/Close for Lot with Vault/per lot Winter    $650.00

Use of Scattering Garden (not available at this time)

Columbarium Niche $590.00
Engraving on Columbarium DoorAt Cost

Holidays/Weekends/After Hours 

(Hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday)

Additional $125.00



*Families are offered the option of opening and closing lots themselves, at their own expense and under the supervision of the Cemetery Caretaker, except for the columbarium.


Supervision of Family Open/Close                                          ½ Regular Rate

Disinterment of Human Remains Summer                                         $450.00

Disinterment of Human Remains Winter                                            $550.00


Care and Maintenance Fund 5’X8’ Lot                                              $290.00

Care and Maintenance Fund 4’X4’ Lot                                              $175.00

Care and Maintenance Fund Scattering Ground                              $  30.00

(not available at this time

Care and Maintenance Fund Columbarium                                       $115.00

Flat Marker (less than 173 sq. Inches (1,116.13 sq. cm)                 $    0.00

Flat Marker (more than 173 sq. inches (1,116.13 sq. cm)               $ 100.00

Upright Marker (4’ X 4’ (1.22m X 1.22m) or less including

 base                                                                                                 $200.00

Upright Marker More than 4’ X 4’ including base                              $400.00


No Care and Maintenance is charged for replacement of damaged markers, provided that the new marker is not larger in size. All lots shall have the right to erect markers provided the above Care and Maintenance Fees are paid. Cremation lot markers shall be restricted to a flat, ground level marker (plaque). There are no markers allowed in the Scattering Garden (not available at this time,) Care and Maintenance Fees are included in the cost of the Lot or Niche.


Fee for Supervision of Marker Erected by Family                             $125.00

(Base for Upright marker must be cement, a minimum

of 3 inches greater than the upright portion of the

marker and no less than 4 inches in height)


All cemetery lots will be allowed to inter 1 casket (with vault if applicable) and 4 cremated human remains (provided that the casket is interred first), or 5 cremated human remains (5’X8’ lot). In the cremation portion of the Conmee Cemetery, there shall be 2 cremated human remains allowed on each 4’X4’ lot (not available at this time).


Administrative Fee for transferring Interment Rights

Certificate or Scattering Rights Certificate or for Replacement

of lost Certificates                                                                                   $   50.00

Lots are approximately 8' by 5'. Each lot may contain one regular size burial (casket) and two cremains. (Provided there is no vault and the casket is inserted first.) Or, each lot may contain 5 cremains. Cremains are usually interred starting at the head of the lot.

Headstones and flat markers are permitted. Flowers and flower pots are allowed, provided that they do not impede the care of the grounds. The Township reserves the right to remove any fence, flower bed, statue, or other decoration if it is determined to be a safety risk, or it creates problems for grounds maintenance.

Families are allowed to open and close graves under supervision of Township staff. Provincial Legislation requires a Township employee to be present at all interments in the Cemetery. Please contact the office if you are interested in purchasing lots in the Cemetery, or if you require further information on burials.

Under the Provincial legislation governing cemeteries, lot holders are allowed to sell their lots back to the Township if they no longer want them, provided they have not been used. Please contact the Municipal Office for further information.

The full Cemetery By-law and the corresponding Fee By-Law may be read by clicking the link below:

By-Law 1036 - Cemetery

By-Law 1131 - Fees 

Please be advised the Conmee Cemetery does not currently have cremation lots or a scattering garden available. This is planned for the near future.

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