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Dog Licences

How do I get a dog licence?

A dog licence or tag is available at the Township Office for a cost of $15.00. The tag is transferable to another dog. We ask that you contact the office if you transfer a tag so we can update our records.


Why does my dog need a dog tag?

First, it is the law. All dogs in the Township of Conmee must have a dog licence (tag).  Second, your dog won’t have to go through the trauma of separation from his owners. We can simply look up the tag number and contact you.

What happens to my dog when it is wandering?

When your dog is found wandering at large, dogs with tags will be returned to the owner. If a dog does not have a tag it is taken to the Thunder Bay Animal Services Centre (pound) where it is usually kept for 5 days. If you discover your dog has been taken to the pound you will have to pay a fine as well as costs for accommodations for the dog before you can get it back. So a $15.00 investment could save you $100.00 or more.

If a dog with a tag is a persistent offender, a fine may be imposed for not controlling your dog.

How many dogs can I own?

The current By-law allows for a maximum of 4 dogs per household unless you are a recognized breeder. Breeders must be members of the Canadian or American Kennel Clubs to be recognized by the Township as a breeder. Breeders will have to purchase only one tag to cover all their dogs. (Kennel licence) . For those with puppies who are not members of a Kennel Club, you may keep more than 4 dogs until the puppies are 6 months of age. After that time you will be in contravention of the by-law.

Am I allowed to walk my dog off-leash?

Only on your own property. Conmee Township has a leash by-law in effect. All dogs must be on a leash whenever they are off their own property. Remember though that you need to be in control of your dog at all times, whether the dog is on the leash or not. This means that having a dog on a leash still requires you to keep the dog close to you and well-behaved, especially if the leash is long and/or retractable. It also means that you should properly contain aggressive dogs on your own property.