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The By-laws on this site are for information purposes only. If there is any discrepancy between the by-laws on this site and the original by-law, the original by-law, as kept in the Clerk's office, shall be the correct by-law.

O.Reg. 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways

By-Law 365 Unattended or Abandoned Vehicles

BY-LAW NO. 914B - Fireworks

BY-LAW NO. 920 - Giving of Notice

BY-LAW NO. 930 - Building (consolidation)

BY-LAW NO. 940 - Procurement

By-Law 941 Obstruction, Encumberment, Injury, or Fouling of Bridges and Roads

BY-LAW NO. 948 - prohibit certain materials from the Landfill

BY-LAW NO. 986 - ATVs

BY-LAW NO 1131 - Fees and Charges

BY-LAW NO 1066 Council Remuneration

BY-LAW NO 1068 - Council Procedures

By-Law 1082 Boundary Road Agreement with Township of O'Connor

BY-LAW NO 1200 - Council Procedures

BY-LAW NO 1226 - Procedure governing the disposition of real property

BY-LAW NO 1271 - Surplus Goods

BY-LAW 1272 - Gross Weight Restrictions & Hauling

BY-LAW 1276 - Entrance and Culverts

BY-LAW NO 1036 - Cemetery