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Renting the Community Centre Hall

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Community Centre Hall is NOT available for rental at this time.  The paragraphs below describe procedures which will resume post-pandemic, when circumstances allow.

The Conmee Community Centre is available for rent for weddings, showers, shags, birthday parties,retirement parties, or even meetings. The hall capacity is 210 persons with tables and chairs. A comfortable party size is approximately 200 persons.

There are round tables or long tables. Long tables are often used for a shag set up and also as serving tables for food and miscellaneous needs.

There is a full kitchen with industrial size propane stove, double door fridge and dishwasher. Rental rates vary depending on the use of the hall. Funeral luncheons for Township residents are free.

Please contact the office for more hall rental information.


Main Hall
(full hall set-up, 4 hour + rental, weddings etc)

Liquor functions require a security guard ($175.00)

and Township bartenders must be used ($300.00)

Upstairs Meeting Room$25.00 per hour
Kitchen (Under Supervision)
$25.00 per hour
Kitchen for Minimum Use (coffee, no use of stove)
$20.00 per hour

Hall Rentals General

(If no hall set-up is required, no minimum will

be charged. Children's educational activities

will be charged at $10.00 per hour if the hall

is used during office hours. If the activity is

monitored by a Township Committee

member the charge will be $15.00 per hour.)

A charge of $20.00 per hour will apply when

a renter requires access outside of office hours.

25.00 per hour (min. 3 hours)
Funerals (residents no charge)$25.00 per hour (min. 3 hours)
Tablecloths (round/long)$10.00 each
Replacement Tablecloths$30.00 each
Chair Covers$2.50 each
Audio/Visual Equipment Including Smartboard$10.00

All hall rentals require a $300.00 damage deposit. If no damage occurs, the deposit will be returned. Renters will be required to provide a non-refundable booking deposit of 50% of the rental fee at the time of booking, with full hall rental to be paid one week before the event.

Liquor events require a Special Occasion Liquor Permit and renters must use the Township approved Bartenders. Party Alcohol Liability Insurance (PAL) will be required with the Township of Conmee named as an additional insured in the amount of $2,000,000.00. Please download the Policy for Serving Liquor at Events on Municipal Property below. It must be read and signed and submitted with your rental form.

Facility User Insurance (including party alcohol liability) can be obtained from the Township of Conmee. Please call the office for a quote.

Saturday renters will be allowed into the hall free during municipal office hours on the day before the rental for decorating, provided no renter has booked that Friday night. Any access to the hall outside of the municipal office hours will require payment of $20.00 per hour

Renters will be requested to provide a sketch map of the anticipated hall set up. Renters will provide their own pop and mix. No glass is allowed in the hall. Plastic cups must be used. Glasses in the kitchen are for dinner service only.

Use of the kitchen for food preparation must be as per Policy No. 39 which is attached to the Hall Rental Agreement. There are several methods of food service allowed as outlined in the Policy.

If you like to rent the Conmee Township Hall, please download the Hall Rental Agreement and the Diagram for Hall Set-up. The Booking Deposit must be paid before the hall will be reserved for your event.



Diagram of Hall Setup  

Print and sketch a map of the anticipated hall set up