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Aging and Health Series!

Conmee Township is the proud 

recipient of $14,984.00 from the 

Province of Ontario! 

Following province-wide consultations in 2018 with seniors and their family members, caregivers and support organizations, the ministry has identified four priority areas to support older Ontarians across the province:


1. Age at home and in communities

2. Be safe and secure

3. Remain healthy, active, and socially engaged

4. Participate in the labour market and economy as they wish.


With this funding, we will be able to 

1. Strengthen the safety and well-being of older adults (e.g., delivery of programs about falls prevention or elder abuse awareness / prevention).

2.Adapt and deliver programs and services to isolated older adults either virtually (e.g., internet or telephone-based programs) or in-person (following current provincial guidelines) so they can stay active and socially engaged.

3.Create safe opportunities for older adults to network and increase participation in community labour markets through virtual mentoring, volunteerism, and training to support entrepreneurship.

4.Focus on supporting these priorities for rural communities, specifically.


We will be inviting our neighbouring  Municipalities to participate. 

Please come join us! Refreshments will be provided.

*Virtual attendance, social distance spaces, PPE,

transportation, and respite 

services are also available if 



The schedule can be downloaded here!!!


Refreshments will be provided at all sessions. Saturday sessions will have a full lunch meal and break included from 12:00-1:00. Please communicate any dietary restrictions to Nikita when you RSVP.


To RSVP, or for more information, please contact Nikita @ 

(807)475-5229 ext. 3 or